The Global Internship Program (GIP) established by the Regional Development Committee (RDC) under the General Insurance Association of Singapore (GIA), provides undergraduates of all disciplines with opportunities to learn and immerse in the global experience of world-class general insurance companies.

Now re-branded into GIA Internship Program, it is still a unique program customized to University students from various disciplines. Interns can expect to gain first-hand insights into the work culture, business environment and daily operations of the participating host company.

With the successful launch of the program in 2008, GIP is now into its 8th year and is open for application. Working under the guidance of dynamic leaders, each intern will be assigned to a mentor in various job functions. Interns will also attend workshops, social networking events, seminars, conferences and meetings covering a wide range of general insurance job profile such as in Actuarial, Underwriting, Risk Management, Claims and Business Development etc.

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