Thinking about a career in insurance?

The November 2005 Industry Retreat for all Principal Officers has identified 3 top priorities, one of which is to create a framework to attract talented young individuals to the industry.

To commemorate the 40th Anniversary held in 2006, General Insurance Association of Singapore (GIA) aims to build and groom local expertise and future leaders of the Singapore General Insurance (GI) Industry.

The talent framework will lay the foundation for GIA to build and nurture future generation of leaders to drive and lead the GI industry to its next phase of development.

TOP will be targeted at 3 main segments each with a unique strategic positioning.

  • Schools and Junior Colleges (SJC)
  • Universities and Tertiary Institutes (UTI)
  • Young Professionals / Executives in Financial Services Industry (YPE)

For SJC, we will position TOP as an educational platform to stress the role which General Insurance (GI) plays in everyday life and in the world of commerce. In this way we will bring to life the concept of GI and thereby help to sow the seeds of a possible career in GI for the students at an early stage. We must differentiate our approach to this segment as schools nowadays are inundated with requests for educational talks to their students.

For UTI, the positioning and approach will be more direct. These are final year under-graduates who are deciding on career options and areas of interests. We will project GI as an important, vibrant and growing area within the financial services industry. We will deliver the message that GI is a fulfilling, meaningful and exciting industry that rewards well and is global in its reach. It offers skills and expertise that is highly portable and internationally recognized. It is one of the most genuinely global profession and present networking opportunities with friends and business associates from all over the world.

We will work with IBF to look at the possibility of incorporating the skills/competency portability of GI via the Financial Industry Competency Standards (FICS) framework.

Overall the activities for UTI will be more vibrant, targeted and driven at campus level with active participation in campus career fairs and road shows. A multi-media presentation showcasing the full spectrum of career options in the general insurance industry will be produced.

For the YPE, these are young executives who have joined the financial services industry, some of whom are already working with member companies of GIA. The emphasis here is on talent grooming and leadership development. The positioning will take on a more sophisticated networking approach. The focus will be on social interaction, sharing of ideas and exchange of views. Topics of interest in insurance trends/challenges can be presented at such gatherings.