The GIA Management Committee

GIA's Management Committee is responsible for charting the way forward for the association. The Committee determines the policies, initiatives and activities to adopt, in the interest of consumers and GIA members. The Management Committee gives the GIA the direction it needs to develop the Singapore insurance industry.

Members Of The Management Committee

President Mr A.K. Cher
Vice-President Ms Stella Tan
Members Ms Claudia Salem
Mr Chang Sucheng
Mr Andrew Lim
Mr Michael Gourlay
Ms Doina Palici-Chehab
Mr Pui Phusangmook
Mr Karl Hamann

Agents' Registration Board

Chairperson Mr Andrew Lim
Deputy Chairman Ms Claudia Salem
Members Ms Stella Tan
Ms Doina Palici-Chehab
Mr Peh Chee Keong
Mr Kelvin Lim
Mr Ronnie Yang

Standing Committees

Motor Committee

Convenor Mr Pui Phusangmook
Deputy Convenor Mr Sam Tan
Members Mr Ghandian Krishnan
Ms Lily Chua
Ms Valencia Lee
Mr Charlie Neo
Mr Mekavathanan Sarangapani
Mr Alvino Kor
Ms Jenny Pe
Mr Alvin Tan

Work Injury Compensation (WIC) Committee

Convenor Mr Karl Hamann
Members Mr Roy Wilmoth
Mr Ng Kok Hee
Mr Leong P K
Ms Lisa Marbon
Mr Ryan Tan
Mr Felix Lim Chong Hooi
Ms Lee Li Li

Insurance Fraud Committee

Convenor Mr Chang Sucheng
Members Mr Jayadas Kandiah
Mr Vincent Ho
Mr Mike Neo
Mr Jeffrey Ng
Mr Johnny Sim
Mr Andy Foo
Mr Miguel Piombo
Mr Jason Sim Poh Teck
Mr Low Choo Mee
Mr Jon Tay

Marine Committee

Convenor Mr Michael Gourlay
Members Mr Simon Stonehouse
Ms Sundeep Khera
Mr Richard Kuek
Mr Yuichiro Maeda
Mr Rama Chandran
Mr David Chin
Mr Paul Hackett

Property & Casualty Committee

Convenor Ms Doina Palici-Chehab
Members Mr Kelvin Lim
Mr Lim Keng Hong
Ms Karen Chin
Mr Tim-Z-Luo
Ms Fon Li
Mr Mark Houghton

Education & Talent Development Committee

Convenor Ms Stella Tan
Deputy Convenor Mr Michael Garrison
Members Ms Priya Shahane
Ms Sabire Serap Keskin
Ms Beike Koker Van Dan Broek
Mr Pavlos Spyropoulos
Ms Karine Kam
Ms Victoria Pretty

Public Relations Committee

Convenor Ms Claudia Salem
Members Ms Chong Wan Yieng
Ms Diane Yap
Ms Christine Kam
Ms Tan Reayun

Special Risks Pool (SRP)

Chairman Mr A.K. Cher
Members Ms Stella Tan
Mr Andrew Lim
Mr Pui Phusangmook
Mr Sam Tan
Mr Charlie Neo
Ms Jenny Pe

GIA Representatives Sitting On External Committees

Motor Insurers' Bureau (MIB)

Chairperson Mr A K Cher
Members Mr Jegaprakash Yogarajah
Ms Shirley Tan
Mr Mekavathanan Sarangapani
Mr Alvin Tan
Mr Sam Tan
Mr Eddie Loke

East Asian Insurance Congress (EAIC)

Executive Board Mr A K Cher

Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF)

Council Member Mr A K Cher

National Fire and Civil Emergency Preparedness Council (NFEC)

Council Member Mr Derek Teo

Financial Industry Disputes Resolution (FIDReC)

Representation Mr Andrew Lim

National Crime Prevention Council

Council Member Mr Andrew Lim

Workplace Safety and Health Council/Workplace Safety and Health Institute

Representation Mr Derek Teo

ASEAN Insurance Council

Members Mr A K Cher

IBF Standards Committee

Representation Mr Ho Kai Weng