Design Rational

The new GIA corporate mark was designed to perfectly balance two sets of needs which are equally vital and yet seemingly at odds with each other. Firstly, the mark has to reflect the strengths that come with 41 years of organisational history. These include qualities such as Credibility, Respectability, Sophistication, Elegance and International appeal.

On the other hand, GIA has expressed the desire to forge ahead with the times, and thus the mark should also embrace the future. To attract a new generation of talented professionals, the mark has to be Personable, Dynamic, Bold, Versatile and Contemporary.

To achieve these goals, the new mark carefully blends elements of the old and the new into a coherent and dynamic design that will serve the association well into the next 41 years.


As the mark’s first impression, it is apt that orange has been retained for its heritage with the original design. As used here, the orange tone has been slightly muted to evoke greater prestige and elegance. The colour remains friendly, passionate, vibrant and triumphant - characteristics with immense appeal for a more youthful audience.


The elegant letters come from a modern serif typeface, chosen for its qualities of respectability, heritage and seriousness. They are arranged in ascending order with greater emphasis placed on ‘G’ and ‘I’, as the focus of the association is not on itself but on the industry. Seen as a whole, the dynamism and visual depth of the letters suggest a staircase - one that not only takes you to greater success, but also gives deeper understanding of the industry.


The alphabets rest within the protective embrace of two enjoined circles, the universal sign of unity. 'G' and 'I' is contained within the larger circle, whose tapered ends merge with the smaller circle containing the 'A' (association). The arrangement adds to the feeling of dynamic movement, yet is visually anchored by the weight of the larger circle.

In sum, the parts add up to a greater whole - a modern and visually attractive design that not only exudes respectability and elegance, but also a bold and youthful personality. It is simple, unmistakeable, and with consistent application - unforgettable.